MiCROTEC - Lucidyne Scanner: Blanca Forestry Products – MiCROTEC Stands Out

Lucidyne Scanner: Blanca Forestry Products – MiCROTEC Stands Out

Lucidyne Scanner: Blanca Forestry Products – MiCROTEC Stands Out




Blanca Forestry Products


Offering extensive lines of high-quality wood products, Blanca Forestry Products chose the reliability and innovation of the Lucidyne scanner to answer their grading demands

Pushing the envelope

After closely examining the different lumber scanner systems offered in the market, Blanca Forestry Products was all in for MiCROTEC. Rick Engebretsen, General Manager of Blanca Forestry Products commented on decision, “We evaluated all the grade scanning systems available and chose the Lucidyne because of the reliability of the Lucidyne’s uptime performance and MiCROTEC’s willingness to push the envelope in regard to new technology.”


Blanca Forestry Products purchased a Lucidyne scanner for installation in their Blanca, CO planer mill. Lucidyne scanners come standard with MiCROTEC Ai, utilizing MiCROTEC’s proprietary QCAssist tool to optimize communication during the quality control process. As part of the investment, Blanca also installed a Grade-VU Projector System to integrate with the Lucidyne system, delivering unparalleled opportunity for quality control and continuous process improvement. This project was installed in the summer of 2022.

Industry leading technology

The Lucidyne scanner continues to be the industry leader for optimization, reliability, and uptime, scanning boards lineally to grade lumber. Identifying more than 50 classifications of defects, the scanner brings more accuracy and less complication to the scanning process, minimizing downtime, reducing trim loss, and increasing product consistency. With the investment of the Lucidyne Scanner, Blanca Forestry Products furthers their commitment to high quality lumber and forest products and sustainable harvest practices.