MiCROTEC - Goldeneye 900: A Key Solution in Binderholz's Efficient Wood Production and Zero-Waste Principle

Goldeneye 900: A Key Solution in Binderholz's Efficient Wood Production and Zero-Waste Principle

Goldeneye 900: A Key Solution in Binderholz's Efficient Wood Production and Zero-Waste Principle





Optimizing Wood Quality and Production with MiCROTEC's Goldeneye 900 Scanning Solution

Binderholz – a family-managed company

Binderholz is a company that offers a wide range of solid wood products, from lumber and profiled timber to laminated solid wood panels and CLT BBS. From the cultivation of seedlings and forest management to timber harvesting, processing in the sawmills, products for the do-it-yourself sector, customized packaging solutions, the manufacture of solid wood products, innovative mass timber solutions, and affordable housing, the entire value chain is consistently implemented. Waste wood from production is processed into densified biofuels, green electricity, pressboard pallets, and pressed pallet blocks.

They have 60 sites globally, with a total of 6,300 employees who share a passion for wood.

A long term collaboration of over 25 years

It is precisely in Binderholz’s principle of zero waste that MiCROTEC comes into play. MiCROTEC has been the scanning solution provider of Binderholz, now for over twenty-five years. In its Unternberg, Austria plant, Binderholz mainly produces construction panels. The recently installed and operating Goldeneye 900 is used to measure and catalog boards that will later be used to produce these types of construction panels. The most important feature that MiCROTEC developed and customized is the undersized detection of the boards, and this with a measurement thickness of two-tenths of a millimeter.

The Goldeneye 900 measurement accuracy in tenths of millimiters

Regarding the thickness measurement, MiCROTEC added to the Goldeneye 900 scanner solution, special measuring sensors at two points in the transverse pass with which the scanner is hence capable of detecting the undersized or unplaned rough spots. And since the line produces middle layers for CLT panels, Binderholz was in need to have all the boards very precise in order to be able to calculate in detail the amount of glue for the individual layers of the panels.

Special measuring sensors were set up in front of the scanner in the transverse pass in order to achieve higher accuracy in the thickness measurement. For this purpose, measuring heads were mounted on two tracks, one from above and one from below, which record the board thickness by means of laser measurement. Based on these values, an average thickness of the board is determined. The evaluation of the measurement data is carried out in the Goldeneye 900 and flows directly into the quality assessment. 

»The Goldeneye 900 has significantly increased the production capacity, the degree of automation, and the quality and process reliability of the production line«