MiCROTEC - MiCROTEC partners with EU’s SINTETIC Project
November 8, 2023

MiCROTEC partners with EU’s SINTETIC Project

Forests are substantial for meeting EU biodiversity and climate goals. So, this year, the EU-funded project SINTETIC was launched. The core objective of SINTETIC is to set up and demonstrate a traceability system for trees, logs, and boards based on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) innovations.
MiCROTEC partners with EU’s SINTETIC Project

MiCROTEC is the only company offering scanning and optimization solutions for the complete wood processing industry and is pleased to partner with the project SINTETIC. We are excited to work together with 20 partners, such as universities, research institutions, and industrial companies, to give a complete solution that starts from the forest and to consider all data analysis for different purposes.


The key feature of this project is MiCROTEC Connect, the fingerprint system based on CT Log scanned logs. Through integrated and innovative scanner and software solutions each product can be traced from virtual boards to real boards. Likewise, the individual boards can be traced back to their original logs. With the help of MiCROTEC's expertise and capabilities, the project SINTETIC will soon enable the precise tracing of the final wood product back to the individual tree in a designated forest.


We look forward to working on this project and contribute to a more sustainable future.

More information about the EU-Project SINTETIC can be found here.