MiCROTEC - Swiss company relies on modern technology

Swiss company relies on modern technology

Swiss company relies on modern technology




Schilliger Holz

Schilliger Holz AG, a modern Swiss company, adjusts its class sorting to modern production standards and installs a Goldeneye 501 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner by Microtec for the sorting of lamellas according to visual quality. Moisture meter and board shape scanner provide an optimized production.


Schilliger Holz AG is a family enterprise, established in 1861 and lead now by the fifth generation. Today, the company has subsidiaries in Küssnacht, Perlen (CH) and in Volgelsheim, France. The company engages in its three sites about 320 employees.


The planer mill in Küssnacht primarily produces glulam components for wood construction from high-quality Swiss timber. In order to guarantee the professional sorting of top and mid lamellas, an all-new Goldeneye 501 scanner has been integrated in the production line. The scanner determines the features of the lamellas including their dimension from all four sides. The features are visualized in real time, whereas the data is sent to the optimizing computer. The company mainly processes spruce and fir from sustainably growing resource. Upon request, also components out of Douglas fir and larch can be produced and delivered.


The feeding line before the planer contains the M3 Scan moisture meter in transverse transport for determining the moisture content of the lamellas. Lamellas with too high moisture content are sent to a waste bin and transported to the kiln again.


The Endscan measurement system examines cup and position of annual rings immediately before the board turner. After passing the scanner, the glulam lamellas sorted according to their visual quality, are transported to the respective sorting bins. Before these sorting bins, the lamellas are trimmed on top and bottom and a marking system sprays on the chopping points. All data relevant for production are saved by the Minda master computer and sent to all Microtec measurement systems.