MiCROTEC - Winlog GPS: The Digital Logyard

Winlog GPS: The Digital Logyard

Winlog GPS: The Digital Logyard






Lithuania's largest sawmill group Juodeliai has a clear view of everything with Winlog GPS. The comprehensive control of the entire sorting process at the logyard allows it to be used not only optimally, but also almost completely eliminates sorting errors or unnecessary, expensive empty runs by the wheel loaders.


In 2021, the sorting optimization software Winlog GPS was installed for the first time in Lithuania. It has since provided all-encompassing control over log sorting and guaranteed optimal utilization of the logyard. At the same time, a Winlog collects measurement data throughout the production cycle and analyzes efficiency, productivity, and yield based on real-time production data.

365 days almost error-free

"Our sawmill runs non-stop, 24 hours a day. Especially at night or in adverse weather conditions, the wheel loader drivers were more prone to mistakes. Mistakes occurred at the sorting boxes or the wrong log piles were approached for intermediate storage of the logs. MiCROTEC's Winlog GPS system can locate our six handling machines with an accuracy of up to 20cmIncorrect movements are almost completely eliminated," says Zimnickas, describing the advantages of the system. In addition to the aspect of precise positioning, the software tool also allows all relevant data to be stored for each log. Geometry, wood type or quality can be stored together with information on the date of receipt or supplier in a special sorting sequence that is individual for each log. With the help of all relevant data, the sorting process at the logyard can be optimally controlled and the individual sorting boxes can be filled according to customer-specific selection criteria. In addition, the routes of the wheel loaders can be analyzed and optimized in real time. In addition to saving time, this also saves valuable fuel costs.

Technically sophisticated

All existing installations at the logyard, such as sorting boxes, polters or the position of the log feed at the saw, are linked to geo-referenced objects and accurately mapped on the digital map. Visualization on the map means that employees - from production planners to loader operators - have all the data clearly at their fingertips in real time. In addition to information on the current status of the logyard, data on the handling machines, including their drivers, can be collected. Each vehicle can thus be precisely assigned when, where and, above all, how many kilometers were covered in a defined comparison period, for example a shift. "Now we finally have sound data that enable us to apply an additional optimization lever here," Zimnickas is convinced of the solution. Geolocation is made possible by means of radio antennas. The precise location information, together with the current employment status of the individual loaders, enables new tasks to be distributed to employees in real time via intelligent software based on the actual status at the logyard.


Already in summer, the next MiCROTEC product will start its journey to Lithuania. The existing log scanner at the entrance of the sorting line is to be replaced by a new CT Log.


The full article from Holzkurier can be found here
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»Without Winlog GPS, logyard management on this scale would be unimaginable«

Andrius Zimnickas

CEO and owner of Juodeliai Group