MiCROTEC - MiCROTEC’s optimization expertise drives reconstruction of Notre-Dame
20. syyskuuta 2023

MiCROTEC’s optimization expertise drives reconstruction of Notre-Dame

The renowned cathedral Notre-Dame, a symbol of Paris, suffered significant damage, including the collapse of its spire and destruction of its roof. As restoration efforts forge ahead, MiCROTEC's optimization technology is proving instrumental in meticulously reconstructing the cathedral's iconic spire to its original specifications.
MiCROTEC’s optimization expertise drives reconstruction of Notre-Dame

The fire that destroyed the medieval Catholic cathedral left the world shocked when the soaring spire collapsed, marking a sad moment in history. French experts have undertaken a mission to restore the cathedral to its former glory, and one of the most difficult challenges has been to rebuild the ornate spire designed by architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century.


The restoration project depends heavily on finding the perfect oak to rebuild the spire, which is why the Office National des Forêts (ONF) specifically approached MiCROTEC’s specialists to contribute their knowledge and expertise.

MiCROTEC's key role in oak selection

Foresters from the ONF worked tirelessly to identify and select oak trees that would meet the strict requirements for rebuilding the spire. In particular, the selected trees must measure over 1.10 meters in diameter and stand at least 20 meters high. The use of MiCROTEC's optimization expertise has allowed the foresters to make informed decisions and guide the selection process with precision without wasting any trees.


After receiving detailed, drone captured images of the potential trees and the advanced 3D models by the ONF, MiCROTEC identified and selected the most suitable oak trees. “We offered our optimization knowledge from wood engineering to find the best match between each tree model and the best relative beam to cut from it. In our fully customised optimization for Notre-Dame, we created virtual models of the beams to be used along with the tree models”, explains Thomas Gagliardi, the product manager log and project manager of this special project.


Notre-Dame Cathedral is on track to reopen its doors to the world in December 2024. 


»We are truly honoured to be part of this and thank ONF for asking for our support.«

Arianna Giudiceandrea


Watch the full France Bois Forêt’s movie “Les racines de Notre-Dame de Paris” (The Roots of Notre-Dame de Paris), which traces the mobilisation of the forestry and timber industry to meet the challenge of this exceptional construction project. Find MiCROTEC’s contribution at minute 13’00” of the movie.