MiCROTEC - Presenting the new Finscan 900
September 4, 2023

Presenting the new Finscan 900

Perfect evolution: Combining the patented Finscan mirror system with the MiCROTEC 3D technology. The trusted Finscan efficient transverse multi-sensor quality scanner becomes Finscan 900, an ideal combination and transformation for sharpened performance.
Presenting the new Finscan 900

The new Finscan 900 features a MiCROTEC 3D module with in-house developed Crometic cameras, ensuring full-length real thickness measurement and enhanced wane detection. Thanks to the new uniformed colored lamps customers also benefit from a refined color measurement. An additional advantage is the full integration of the Finscan 900 with the MiCROTEC Ai platform and MiCROTEC Connect as well as a new optimization software and statistics.

With the smart construction of the new MiCROTEC 3D module, this evolution is also available as an upgrade to the current Finscan version -  providing the same customer benefits.

Customer benefits Finscan 900 & Upgrade in short:

  • Enhanced wane detection
  • Full-length real-thickness measurement
  • Full integration into the MiCROTEC Ai platform & MiCROTEC Connect
  • New optimization software & statistics