MiCROTEC - Peak performance transversal scanning

Peak performance transversal scanning

Peak performance transversal scanning




Ilim Timber Group

Ilim Timber Group invested in Goldeneye 900 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner in transverse transport for its planer mill in Landsberg

The Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner in transverse transport, Goldeneye 900, is capable of running up to 160 lugs per minute, and detects and localizes all types of knots as well as cracks, discoloration, pitch pockets, wanes, curvature and other dimensional defects. The value optimization software implements customer-specific quality grading, trimming and sorting rules.


At the plant of Ilim Timber Bavaria, the scanner is installed directly in front of the trimmer. The trimming optimization is then fine-tuned to the existing trim saw.


Besides the visual quality optimization, Ilim Timber Bavaria grades his lumber also by strength. Before and after planning the lumber, an M3 Scan Moisture Meter sorts out lumber with high moisture content and specifies moisture for every board to optimize strength grading. The strength measurement with Viscan Strength Grader includes X-ray scanning to exactly determine the MOE of timber. The software Variosort supervises the fully automated sorting and packaging, bundling and wrapping of lumber according to customer-specific quality and strength parameters.


Ilim Timber Bavaria in Landsberg am Lech, Germany, produces 800 thousand of cubic meters of softwood-sawn timber annually.

»The changeover of our sorting system to Microtec Variosort was implemented without a plant stop. We are completely satisfied with the added value of the solutions from Microtec«

Hauke Jungjohann

Technical director of Ilim Nordic Timber