MiCROTEC - Goldeneye also works across generations

Goldeneye also works across generations

Goldeneye also works across generations




Holz Pichler

In the 1990s, Holz Pichler AG, under the management of Erich Pichler, installed the world's first Goldeneye Scanner from MiCROTEC that was ready for industrial use.


Over the last 30 years, the original scanner has been continuously supplemented with new MiCROTEC technologies. A second Goldeneye 500 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner of the latest generation has recently been installed as part of the new high-performance production line. This means that there are now two scanners at one production site, reflecting the continuous investments in innovative technologies and the untiring drive for improvement over the last decades.

Tradition and Innovation becomes Progress

Holz Pichler AG has a long tradition in Eggental, South Tyrol. The local raw material suppliers are, so to speak, neighbours of the sawmill and supply it with round timber from the surrounding forests, which are known worldwide for their high quality of wood. For almost 75 years, the company name has stood for sustainability and efficiency, and is now a household name in the timber industry far beyond the borders of the country. A joint cooperation based on the same corporate values was therefore the most evidend choice. 


Holz Pichler AG, with its two locations and an annual processing capacity of over 85,000 solid cubic metres, is not only one of the largest softwood sawmills in Italy, but also one of the most recognized and efficient manufacturers of technical wood components in Central Europe.


On a production area of over 80,000 m2, wood is processed into high-tech components for a wide range of industrial sectors. The demand for the regional fresh wood has risen continuously over the past few years, which immediately led to an expansion of the facilities.


By the end of last year it was therefore decided to supplement the existing vertical galvanizing line with a new, more efficient flat finger jointing line. "In our production we have automated the processes as far as possible. This not only guarantees us the highest precision and maximum performance, it also serves to protect our employees," says Michael Gilli, owner of Holz Pichler AG and nephew of Erich Pichler, who passed away in 2013.

Proven quality "Made in South Tyrol"

The South Tyrolean sawmill has been relying on MiCROTEC's scanning and measuring systems since the beginning of the 1990s for the above mentioned automation and process optimization. By using the most innovative technologies, high-performance and reliable production can be achieved and the highest product quality can be guaranteed, then as now.


Last year's installation of MiCROTEC's Goldeneye 500 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner enables the detection of hidden wood defects in wood components in a reliable and precise manner, with the value enhancement software taking into account customer-specific classification, cross-cutting and sorting rules.


On the production line, an Endscan system is used to detect the position of the tree rings, and an M3-Scan is also in service to quickly and precisely determine the wood moisture. The moisture profile recorded here is then passed on to the Goldeneye Quality-Scanner, which carries out the overall optimization of the board and transmits the cutting and quality data of the respective boards directly to the cross-cut saws located on 3 lines behind the scanner.


At the end of the production line, the Optiglue system takes of the tine and glue control, thus guaranteeing a final and complete quality control of the finished product, which is stacked and prepared for delivery in the final production step by two fully automated robot arms.


Then as now, MiCROTEC's innovative and technologically sophisticated scanning solutions ensure a higher wood yield with considerable economic advantages for its customers.


These innovative solutions do not only contribute to a unique view on wood, but also to a continuous reduction of waste and an optimal use of natural resources.

The innovationtradition and sustainability we offer our customers, therefore go hand in hand with MiCROTEC's corporate values.

»In our production we have automated the processes as far as possible. This not only guarantees us the highest precision and maximum performance, it also serves to protect our employees «

Michael Gilli

Owner of Holz Pichler AG