MiCROTEC - CT Log: value optimized solutions for all types of logs

CT Log: value optimized solutions for all types of logs

CT Log: value optimized solutions for all types of logs




Siat Braun

Siat Braun, one of the largest and most advanced sawmills in Europe invests in CT Log. The CT scanner boosts in value optimization with conveying speeds up to 120 m/min. Springer delivered the whole mechanical system.


At the plant in Urmatt the company works with logs up to a length of 25m. CT Log virtually evaluates appearance, quality and strength and assesses its impact on the final products even before the physical breakdown of lumber. This means that cut views can be thoroughly optimized based on the highest quality and value. The scanner scans in real-time the internal features such as the position of the pith along the stem, it identifies internal splits, heartwood dimension and wood density – that are some of the useful information that the operator can easily integrate in the way the stems are bucked and the logs are separated. All the information extracted by the scanner is sent to Interopt, the Microtec software for bucking optimization. This makes the operator’s job much easier, because with CT Log the stem becomes transparent. The CT scanner provides a huge amount of added value and increases the production significantly.


Since 1818 the family owned company Siat Braun has been passed on from generation to generation based on a huge dedication to the wood and the sawmilling job. At present, Siat Braun works with solutions of the latest technological development. The company is able to provide the most large product portfolio in sawmilling products. Siat Braun is Microtec’s third customer installing the CT Log and the first to do so in Europe. This 360° X-ray CT Sawing Optimization Scanner for logs is implemented in one of the largest log yards in Europe. Siat Braun has been customer of Microtec for many years and every step in its sawmill is driven by modern Microtec solutions and measuring devices of the latest technology.

»We decided to work with CT Log because this assures us a long term increase of yield«

Marc Siat

Direttore Generale Siat Braun