MiCROTEC - CT Log Scanner pays back in less than a year

CT Log Scanner pays back in less than a year

CT Log Scanner pays back in less than a year




Arauco - Horcones

High-Speed CT-Scanning at Arauco, Horcones

To increase both yield and added value Arauco made the decision to install a Microtec CT Log-Scanner in their Horcones plant. The high-speed 360° X-ray CT-Scanning Optimization uses advanced algorithms to reconstruct a high resolution 3D dimensional volume image of the logs.

The system is able to precisely detect knotty core diameter, and optimize the sorting decision between sawmill and plywood mill. The yield of knot-free veneer is increased not only by better sorting, but by optimizing the centering position in in the peeling machine. For sawmill products, CT Log recognizes the precise 3D internal shape of the heartwood, discolorations, mechanical damages, and differences in density, shape and position of knots. By considering all of these internal features in the sawing process, sawing is optimized based on the final quality and real value of the boards, rather than on their volume. 


Arauco evolved to be one of the major forestry companies in Chile and Latin America by taking advantage of the size and quality of the Radiata Pine plantation forests common in the area. Other plantations also exist in Argentina and Uruguay. As a global player, Arauco has as its primary objectives the quality and high value of its final products, the efficiency of its production, and the long term preservation and sustainability of its forests. 


For many years Microtec and Arauco have enjoyed a valuable partnership. At the Horcones site, Microtec delivered all of the measuring systems for the log yard from the bucking and log sorting through to the optimization. In addition, all production process controls and automation were provided by Microtec, as well as all raw material processing for the sawmill and plywood mill.