MiCROTEC - Araupel and its new high-tech machinery

Araupel and its new high-tech machinery

Araupel and its new high-tech machinery




Araupel - Guarapuava

Araupel invests in a second plant equipped with high-tech solutions made in Europe

The Guarapuava plant is the most modern Latin American moulding factory, it is a brand new plant which was raced on 130,000 m2 with the highest technology level at all stages of the woodworking process. This site will provide 400 new jobs and the plant will work in synergy with the current plant in Quedas do Iguaçu (Paraná – Brazil), expanding the companies’ activities.


Over the years Araupel and Microtec settled a very good partnership and implemented many solutions to make work processing more effective. 
In the new green and dry mill plant in Guarapuava, Araupel insalled a production site that works fast and with the latest technological solutions, which were worked out by the leading European companies, like Microtec, SpringerSystem TM and EWD


At the logyard the sorting is done with Winlog, a log sorting program by Microtec. Physical characteristics do not only carry out the sorting. Due to the Maxicut cutting pattern program, it is possible to have a fixed or flexible cutting pattern, according to the type of log. Furthermore there are two Logeye full 3D scanners.
The EWD saw line consists of a primary breakdown section with a chipper-canter / twin bandsaw reducer combination, matched by a high performance board edger system, as well as a secondary breakdown section with a dual profiler unit and a double arbor gangsaw to produce side and centerboards. 


The PLC programming and controls in the logyard and at the sawline infeed are from Microtec. The saw infeed consists of a high speed infeed deck with integrated waste removal system, to feed-in the EWD reducer chipper-canter / twin bandsaw line at highests speeds. Four Logeye 3D scanners are combined with the Maxicut software to enable a breakdown of the logs according to predefined best fitting cutting patterns. The Screenlog system delivered by Microtec performs a very specific task, to visually detect the pith at the top/butt of the logs. For the green-sorter line two high precision Microtec Endscan scanners detect the cup, pith and the appearance of the annual rings on both ends of the board. Boards with visual pith on the ends are sorted out to another bin. The Variosort program is combined with the measurement of length, width and thickness. 


The planer mill features a Goldeneye 500 with X-ray, which is integrated in the 4-fold cross-cut line by System TM after the planer. In addition to the sawmill project, Springer has delivered a high performance short-lumber planer mill. The planer mill includes a Microtec M3 Scan moisture meter for moisture control.

»The collaboration in a spirit of trust between the different suppliers runs fine. All our requests have been taken care off and we are very happy to work out another successful project«

Celio Sarmento

Araupel General Project Manager/R&D