MiCROTEC - Leading UK wood manufacturer first to meet new grading standards

Leading UK wood manufacturer first to meet new grading standards

Leading UK wood manufacturer first to meet new grading standards




Marley Eternit Limited (JB)


The Goldeneye 500 incorporates the latest technology in scanning with state of the art laser and color camera features, ensuring that all JB Red Roofing Battens are graded to the new revised BS5534:2014.


A pigmented treatment then gives the batten its recognizable color. By introducing this technology, the company increased the volume of production and has exceeded forecasts of product that complies with the new regulations.“ Marley Eternit Limited has been at the forefront of embracing BS5534:2014 because it embodies the highest standard that we set for ourselves a decade ago, comments Chairman, Christian Brash. Marley Eternit is the only company in the UK where roofing battens are manufactured, treated and certified to BS 5534:2014 at a UK location, under stringent UK regulations. Perhaps most importantly, this operation supports over 100 UK manufacturing jobs. 


Marley Eternit made the investment ahead of the introduction of new British Standards at their site in Lincolnshire. The company installed a Goldeneye camera and laser scanner, as well as upgraded the handling line, before the introduction of BS5534:2014. The Goldeneye 500 scans wooden battens 30 times faster than the human eye – which allows the company to increase production of its market-leading JB-Red battens. Even at a speed of 280 meters per minute, the Goldeneye scans timber to ensure every batten meets the requirements and complies with the standard.


Marley Eternit set the standard in modern wood manufacturing by creating the first scanning line for graded roofing battens used in the housing construction industry – the first of its kind in Europe. System TM was charged to develop the mechanical portion. The grading scanner is a Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner, Goldeneye 500, from Microtec and is the first solution certified to grade roof battens to the new quality standard. 


Mr. Brash adds: “The investment we have made means that we continue our proud heritage spanning more than 100 years of producing quality products that are trusted by the roofing industry. That means that the roofing industry won’t have to worry about onsite grading for roofing anymore, so they can spend more time doing what they do best: fixing battens to roofs and installing quality roofs.” This is especially important because the onsite grading of roofing battens for both new roofs and re-roofs is no longer an accepted practice.


Marley Eternit is accredited under both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) schemes, ensuring independent accreditation of the timber they supply. “We understand that you care about your environmental impact, and so do we. All our timber is responsibly sourced and we are continually working to reduce the carbon footprint of our business as a whole.”


In the short span of time since the new grading standard came into practice, Marley Eternit has seen demand for graded battens that are complaint with BS5534:2014 exceed company forecasts. “Having the capability to nearly double the speed at which we can grade wood is critical to the growth of our batten business and having the flexibility to add extra shifts at our facilities means that we can easily treble the production of fully BS5534:2014-compliant roofing battens.”


The Microtec sales department is very proud to have implemented Goldeneye 500, which is the most reliable solution for a state of the art Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner. “We are looking forward to cooperating with this exceptional opportunity at Marley Eternit. We thank all of you for the trust in Microtec solutions and our long-term partnership” states Microtec’s CEO, Federico Giudiceandrea.

»We have run extensive trials and testing on wooden roof battens using Goldeneye, and we are absolutely assured of the accuracy of the grading process. We have complete faith that every single piece of JB-Red that leaves our premises meets BS5534:2014«

Chris Watson

Managing Director of Marley Eternit Limited