MiCROTEC - Partnerships

Nos précieux partenariats

Bienvenue dans nos partenariats de collaboration, de parrainage et d'innovation. Ensemble, nous ouvrons la voie à des opportunités illimitées.

HCB Foxes 

Hockey Club Bolzano (Foxes) is an ice hockey team from Bolzano. It is the team that boasts, in Italy, the largest number of championships won. Since 2018 MiCROTEC has been a proud main Sponsor.


INNOVALLEY is a network of companies in South Tyrol that focuses on innovation. It offers spaces and opportunities to realize oneself in and out of the workplace. INNOVALLEY provides a variety of infrastructure and recreational opportunities for a unique and balanced work experience.


DeSH represents the interests of German sawmills and the timber industry at a national, European, and international level. The association stands by its 370 member companies supporting continuous improvement of framework conditions for the use of wood as a raw material.


The museum of modern and contemporary art in Bolzano was founded in 1985 by the Museion Association. Its primary purposes are the promotion and enhancement of contemporary art since the 1950s. The institution serves as a meeting point for international art and as a means of support for South Tyrolean art.

Austrian Wood Industries

The Association of the Austrian Wood Industries (FVHI) represents the interests of almost 1,300 wood processing companies in the timber construction products, furniture, panel, sawmill and ski industries

Holztechnik Kuchl

Holztechnikum Kuchl is a unique private school with public rights in Salzburg. For over 50 years, we have been offering a wide range of specialist training in the field of wood with our technical school for the wood industry. Our education is unique in Europe due to its broad focus on wood/technology, business and languages.


BOKU is one of the best Life Sciences universities in Europe, distinguished by its holistic approach to research and teaching. Our scientists, students and graduates work on solutions for burning social issues and for a sustainable future.


The core objective of Sintetic is to set up and demonstrate a traceability system for trees, logs and boards based on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) innovations.
Its ambition is to define, prototype and demonstrate a complete solution for a digital platform dedicated to comprehensive forest value chain data management and protection.

National Association of Wood Industries

This association aims to represent, at the national and international level, the interests of wood enterprises operating in different industrial fields: starting from the forest, moving on to primary processing, pallets and packaging, construction, and ending with fittings and finishes. One of our founding principles is to collaborate with the Confindustria system.

European Planing Industry Association

This association participates in European standardization, verifies the quality of final products and market-based sorting rules. Strengthens common goals and market potential.

National Bioengineering Group

GNB is a non-profit, scientific-cultural association. Its mission it to represent the Italian national scientific community that recognizes itself in bioengineering among partner subjects or stakeholders such as the Ministries, universities and research institutes, the national health system, the industrial and entrepreneurial partners and the international scientific community.

University of Padua

The University of Padua offers a wide and diverse range of courses of study, covering all disciplinary areas, from the scientific to the humanities, from economic-social, pedagogical to legal.

University of Bolzano

What distinguishes Unibz from all other universities, is the trilingualism that embraces teaching and research. The university offers the ideal context not only for acquiring specific knowledge in the disciplines covered by the courses of study, but also for mastering communication skills essential in the world of work and in global society.

Placement Exchange

The Placement Exchange is an initiative created to foster collaboration between higher education institutions and companies, with the aim of creating a direct bridge between the world of study and the world of work.