MiCROTEC - Nr. 1 Transverse Scanner in North America

Nr. 1 Transverse Scanner in North America

Nr. 1 Transverse Scanner in North America




Teal Jones Group

The Teal-Jones Group has installed a new Goldeneye 900 Multi-Sensor Scanner to upgrade the sawmill

The Goldeneye 900 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner with transverse feeding is the first of its kind running in a North American sawmill. The scanner was installed directly into the line without height modification or elevation changes and fit with the special "occlusions" conveyor chain by Springer, meaning only 0.2 inches (5 mm) of the bottom surface is hidden for each chain run. This enables full visual detection combined with 3D laser triangulation scans for defects on all four surfaces in a single scanner frame which is carried out without board turning.


The scanner is ideal for sawmills, scanning, grading and sorting rough lumber and to optimize trimming. Also dry sorting & optimization in planer mills before secondary wood processing and remanufacturing is possible. The optimizer is capable of evaluating re-edging, re-sawing and cut-in-two products. By detecting and localizing all types of knots as well as cracks, discoloration, pitch pockets, wanes, curvature and other dimensional defects, the scanner allows customers to automate, streamline and optimize all further production steps.


The Teal-Jones Group produces a wide range of solid wood products including high quality decorative products, structural lumber for housing and general construction, special sizes and grades for remanufacturing as well as utility and lower grade products suitable for pallets, packaging and other industrial uses. 

»The new scanner has allowed us to achieve more flexibility in the production, as we provide a wide range of very diverse products to customers all over the world. Our company has a long history of commitment to international markets for our lumber products. The Goldeneye 900 Scanner has reduced our trim-loss, improved on-grade accuracy in the pack and allows us to produce multiple customer runs at the same time«

Dick Jones

COO of Teal-Jones Group