MiCROTEC - Logeye Stereo: Full-contour measurement optimizes the cut

Logeye Stereo: Full-contour measurement optimizes the cut

Logeye Stereo: Full-contour measurement optimizes the cut




Pfeifle Holz

Pfeifle Holz once again relies on a MiCROTEC solution with the Logeye 901D Stereo

The new measuring unit achieves a significant increase in performance as well as a relief for the log band saw operators.


In September 2021, a new Logeye 901D Stereo including the new cutting pattern optimization was installed at Pfeifle Holz in Seewald-Schorrental. This solution joins a longstanding collaboration between the sawmill and MiCROTEC. It has now been integrated into the production line, just like a Discan, a Maxicut and the Optiline optimization system before.


The operator of a log band saw needs a very well-trained eye to set each cut correctly and get the most out of each log - and full concentration over the entire shift. In order to relieve the operator and at the same time increase the yield, Pfeifle Holz decided to invest in Logeye 901D Stereo measuring before the log band saw. "The alignment and positioning of the log on the bandsaw carriage are very operator-dependent. With the new Logeye measurement and the automatic alignment that comes with it, we always have a consistently good, high yield and equally high quality of the cut material throughout the day," explains Managing Director Thomas Pfeifle.

Measuring while the log is still moving

The Logeye Stereo is a full-contour measurement on the band saw carriage. While the log is still rolling from the crossfeed onto the carriage, the scanner's stereoscopic measurement system enables a 360° reconstruction of the logHigh-resolution digital cameras and powerful LED lights capture images from different positions from the moment the log is transferred from the cross transport to the bandsaw carriage, without the need to move the log lengthwise. The Logeye Stereo continuously measures the log position, i.e. rotation and longitudinal alignment, on the bandsaw carriage. This means that the log position is known at all times. The data from the measuring system is taken over by the new Optiline cutting pattern visualization software with Maxicut from MiCROTEC. The optimized cutting pattern is projected to the operator on the screen at the face of the log. He could intervene at any time if necessary. "But that is rare," as Nathanael Pfeifle, son of the managing director, confirms.


The Pfeifles are particularly enthusiastic about the high measuring accuracy: "The cut is absolutely precise - not a millimeter is wasted," says Thomas Pfeifle.

Significantly more performance than expected

This high accuracy and the speed of the measurement already showed an impact after a few months: "The Logeye alone gives us about 5% more cutting performance." "It was absolutely the right decision to invest in the Logeye Stereo. The additional output and higher yield alone will quickly pay for the purchase. And it also represents an enormous relief for the employee," says Thomas Pfeifle, visibly satisfied, and says: "In retrospect, the Logeye has brought more than we originally expected."


The full article from Holzkurier can be found here
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»The new full-contour measurement from MiCROTEC alone gave us at least a 5% increase in performance«

Thomas Pfeifle

Managing Director Pfeifle Holz