MiCROTEC - Finscan: Bettega chooses MiCROTEC – the only 360° supplier in the market

Finscan: Bettega chooses MiCROTEC – the only 360° supplier in the market

Finscan: Bettega chooses MiCROTEC – the only 360° supplier in the market




Bettega Legnami S.r.l.

MiCROTEC and Bettega Legnami S.r.l. have agreed on a large-scale supply of intelligent wood measuring devices for the Bettega sawmill line and the green sorter

The first step is Logeye Stereo, a scanner that makes a 3D reconstruction of the log and first breakdown optimization on the existing bandsaw carriage. Then, the process is divided in two: the main planks pass through a Wanescan 901 where the Maxicut software implements RIP optimization, and the sideboards are directed instead to an Optiedge for edger optimization. Finally, the combination of Finscan and Variosort enables the sorting of boards according to their dimensions and quality features.


The Mill Manager, a monitor tool for real-time analysis of the production at the sawmill, controls the whole process.


“We chose MiCROTEC not only because of their well-known reliability but also for the fact that we can count on them as a 360° supplier,” says Stefano Bettega, administrative director of Bettega Legnami.


“The Logeye 900 Stereo at the bandsaw carriage is the only system in the market that can guarantee true 3D measurements of the log. This will increase the production yield considerably,” he continues.


“For our sawmill modernization project, we wanted to embrace the philosophy of industry 4.0 so we needed a tool that would provide us with real-time monitoring of what is happening at the sawmill: the Mill Manager. It gives us the possibility of analyzing data in real-time and intervening as soon as something is not working as it should. It also helps in making long-term evaluations regarding the processes,” Stefano Bettega explains.


Bettega Legnami S.r.l. is an Italian company based in Imèr, Trentino. The company has been in the wood sector since 1950. The current operative owners are third-generation wood product industry entrepreneurs. Read more at bettegalegnami.it

»Wir haben uns für MiCROTEC nicht nur wegen ihrer bekannten Zuverlässigkeit entschieden, sondern auch, weil wir auf sie als 360°-Lieferanten zählen können«

Stefano Bettega

Verwaltungsdirektor von Bettega Legnami