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One scanner - one saw

One scanner - one saw




Programmed Timber Supplies

Programmed Timber Supplies is a growing business, which started to update its manufacturing area at St. Marys in Western Sydney. After having invested in new equipment from System TM, during Ligna 2015 the decision makers approached Microtec and decided to upgrade their production site with a state-of-the-art Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner Goldeneye 300 for their dry mill.

The new high speed optimizing saw line was designed specifically for the needs of Programmed Timber, enabling the plant to supply reliable, consistent and cost effective components to a range of various industries. The line includes a live in-feed deck where the trained operators determine grade over-rides and appearance specifications for the specific customer needs. From there the boards are further scanned with information being fed directly to the cross-cut saw for optimal yield and grade satisfaction.

High speed production = high speed product

The Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner scans lumber from radiata pine from all four sides according to local quality standards. It optimizes lumber for chop processing and sorting according to customer specific product quality requirements, thus maximizing recovery.

After the scanning station the workpieces are transported to a single piece feeding system. An optimizing computer then ensures maximum utilization of the workpieces before cross-cutting. The cross-cut saw model Opti-Kap 5003 cuts the boards into the correct lengths and quality according to production demands with impressive accuracy and speed. After cross-cutting, the workpieces are printed and sorted according to length and quality.

A winning combination

By combining the new cross-cut saw model Opti-Kap 5003 from System TM and Microtec’s Goldeneye 300 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner, Programmed Timber experienced a huge increase in production.  

Microtec CEO Federico Giudiceandrea is happy that his company had the possibility to carry out this project with success: “Programmed Timber made the right decision by combining a cross-cut saw with a world leading quality scanner. We are looking forward to a future cooperation based on a solid partnership.”

»This type of equipment is essential to meet the supply demands and cost constraints of the market”. “Thanks to the accuracy of all components we are able to ensure a constant high standard of our great variety of products.«

Warwick Drysdale

Production manager at Programmed Timber Supplies