MiCROTEC - First Viscan in Japan

First Viscan in Japan

First Viscan in Japan




Chugoku Lumber

For the first time Microtec installed the strength grading solution Viscan in a planer line in Japan

Microtec and System TM completed the project successfully for the customer Chugoku Lumber in Hyuga, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. System TM delivered a high-speed moulder line for finger joint and glued laminated boards. The workpieces are high-speed single-piece fed to a stud carrier that consists of a moisture meter, a Warpscan from Microtec, an automatic out sorting of workpieces for finger joint, a high-speed board turner and a multi-head cross cut saw, that cuts the workpieces in very exact lengths.


The cut workpieces are transported through a Viscan from Microtec before being distributed between two moulders that are running different dimensions. The main focus of System TM and Microtec solutions is to optimize the raw material, wood, in order to have the maximum yield. So Microtec implemented the first Viscan in Japan. This measuring unit determines the resonant frequency by a high performance laser vibrometer. According to this selection Microtec provides also an output control for grading classes and also supports the customer in finding the thresholds.


The other solution is a Warpscan shape scanner that works in transversal feeding and thanks to a sophisticated laser triangulation process, it measures accurately the geometry of the workpieces. Curvescan works also at high-speed and generates constant and very reliable results. It determines twist, bow and spring according to the customer’s threshold values.

»The professional cooperation between our partners System TM, Oki Kikai Co. Ltd. and the customer Chugoku Lumber Co. was given in all phases of the project. This was a very good experience and we are very proud to have installed the first Viscan for strength grading in Japan«

Frank Jöst