MiCROTEC - Reconstruction of the logyard at Klenk Holz AG

Reconstruction of the logyard at Klenk Holz AG

Reconstruction of the logyard at Klenk Holz AG




Binder Baruth

The sawmill of Binder Baruth cuts about 800,000 cubic meters of lumber a year

Only recently the existing log yard has been upgraded with Microtec technology. The scanning solution provider installed a 3D log measurement system as well as an infrared angle scanner. The software for the log sorting, Winlog, has been adapted to the new mechanical circumstances.


The former log yard consisted of 2 log decks with two separate lines, two debarking units and a junction in front of the longitudinal sorting conveyor. This existing installation has been equipped with a brand new line up to the longitudinal sorting conveyor. To avoid production downtime as effectively as possible during the installation of the new measuring systems, the reconstruction has been carried out in several development stages. During the first stage, the first sorting line of the original facility has been dismantled and replaced with the new line. In this constellation, Klenk Company was able to continue production on the second sorting line without decreases.

The mechanical part of the log yard has been supplied by Holtec. Integral part of the line is a double shaft butt-end-reducer and a crosscut saw for over length.


With Winlog, Microtec takes up the whole sorting logic at the log yard. The iRas 800 measuring system (2D log measurement) decides whether oversized logs have to be evacuated in special boxes. After the debarking unit, a Logeye X-ray detects metal inclusions and determines the knottiness of the logs by means of x-ray technology. By bundling Multi-Sensor Technology, innovative control and software solutions, Microtec is for several years successfully working on developing systems that increases the yield of production. Right at the log yard it is possible to determine which log can be efficiently cut to obtain the most optimized products.


The input measuring system consists of a 3D measurement to determine the log’s volume and provides a calibrated takeover of the logs. Both measurement devices, 2D measurement and 3D measurement, are certified according to the general agreement for round wood measurement “Rahmenvereinbarung Werksvermessung (RV WV)”. With a Screenlog installation by MiCROTEC all the images of the logs are saved. Each log can be reproduced with all photorealistic details on the control monitor.

»We rely on the innovative Multi-Sensor Technology, which allows us to increase the added value right at the log yard«

Mr. Rainer Callenius

Technical Manager at Binder Baruth