MiCROTEC - Operator Chair - Screen Version

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Caractéristiques techniques

  • Height: up to 200cm
  • Weght: up to 130kg
  • Foot print: 1256mm diameter (1560mm with optionals)


  • Industrial sliding seat adjustable in height
  • lumbar
  • inclination and headrest
  • Seat-standup modes to maintain the same point of view of the operator in both configurations
  • Adjustable harmrest in height and 4 knobs for inclination and orientation
  • 28 buttons integrated in the harmrests for MiCROTEC standard controls or Grading functions


  • Screen holder with keyboard and mouse plates
  • Side panels for additional buttons/touch screen integration
  • Possibility to install PLC physical buttons on the horizontal side plates
  • Possibility to integrate Joystics on the horizontal side plates

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