MiCROTEC - MiCROTEC to showcase cutting-edge wood scanning technology at three tradeshows!
27 juillet 2023

MiCROTEC to showcase cutting-edge wood scanning technology at three tradeshows!

As the dates draw near, anticipation grows for MiCROTEC's presence at three global tradeshows. With events lined up in Nashville, USA, Bento Gonçalves, BRA, and Jyväskylä, FIN, the wood industry awaits to witness the innovations from MiCROTEC.
MiCROTEC to showcase cutting-edge wood scanning technology at three tradeshows!

SFPA - Nashville, USA - August 23-25:

First in line is the SFPA’s highly anticipated Forest Products Machinery & Equipment Expo in Nashville, USA. This is where MiCROTEC will be demonstrating its commitment to excellence in the wood processing industry. Visit booth 923 to experience live demonstrations of MiCROTEC's scanning solutions, including Logeye Stereo, CT Log, and QC Assist. The booth will also feature MiCROTEC's customer support solutions, integrated MiCROTEC Ai and MiCROTEC Connect, the unique fingerprint system from log to final product. Join us at the SFPA to see how MiCROTEC's advanced scanning solutions can redefine wood processing.

FIMMA - Bento Gonçalves, BRA - August 28-31:

The FIMMA fair in Bento Gonçalves, BRA, will just follow where MiCROTEC will be present at the booth of our long-term partner, Grupo Linares. It is with great anticipation that the wood industry gathers to explore the transformative potential of MiCROTEC's offerings. For over 25 years MiCROTEC has been at the forefront of developing scanners for machine strength grading. As a result, MiCROTEC proudly boasts the fastest lineal strength grading capabilities in the world. Visitors will have a firsthand look at our renowned strength grading products, such as Goldeneye, Viscan, Denscan, M3 Scan, and Warpscan. Be sure to visit Pavilion E, Street 05, Stand 082 to witness the transformative impact of MiCROTEC's secondary processing.

THE WOOD EXHIBITION - Jyväskylä, FIN - September 06-08:

Beginning of September MiCROTEC will be heading to THE WOOD EXHIBITION in Jyväskylä, FIN, for another grand showcase of wood scanning solutions. As the sole provider of comprehensive scanning and optimization solutions for the wood industry, MiCROTEC is committed to promoting economical and sustainable wood utilization. Visitors to booth B-480 will experience Finscan, LogeyeTruespin and Goldeneye. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to explore MiCROTEC's state-of-the-art solutions, shaping the future of wood processing. Join us at THE WOOD EXHIBITION and experience innovation at its finest.


With these three prominent tradeshows on the horizon, MiCROTEC's commitment to innovation and excellence shines through. Wood professionals and enthusiasts are invited to experience the future of wood scanning technology. Be sure not to miss out on this remarkable journey as the fairs approach!