MiCROTEC - "Bridge"
9 octobre 2020



A painting that says more than thousand words!

For the occasion of Microtec's 40th anniversary and to celebrate our successful 10 years' partnershipSystem TM sent us a very special gift. A painting, which symbolizes that more than ever it is important to build bridges rather than close boarders. In fact, the name of the painting is Bridge and was painted by the Danish artist Ole Groen.

"The idea is that we will express our amazing cooperation around the world. We wanted to give Microtec a gift that couldn't be bought in a store - a very personal gift", says Per Jorgensen, CSO of System TM.

During our 40th anniversary celebration Per Jorgensen pointed out that it has been a pleasure from day one to work with Microtec. Indeed, we are looking forward to build and grow our partnership the next 40 years, based on the bridge we built together over the last decade.

The 'Bridge' between Microtec and System TM

The painting, created by the Danish artist Ole Groen, expresses in a beautiful way how Italian oranges and Danish apples, an Italian painter and a Danish viking, a gondola from Venice and a little mermaid from Copenhagen are getting closer thanks to a successful, long-lasting partnership.