MiCROTEC - New CT Log will significantly increase quality and yield in Lithuania
13 de enero de 2022

New CT Log will significantly increase quality and yield in Lithuania

New CT Log will significantly increase quality and yield in Lithuania

UAB JUODELIAI relies once again on the innovative technologies of MiCROTEC

The CT Log will be integrated into the log yard commissioned in 2020, already equipped with MiCROTEC scanner technologies and software solutions. The plant is designed to process short lengths, especially hardwoods, and here the CT Log will show its strengths in industrial hardwood sorting. The integration of the CT Log is scheduled to take place in summer 2022, with the project's main objectives being full quality detection of the birch, poplar, and alder species, as well as highly accurate underbark contour detection. This will be done at a 130 m/min regular sorting speed.


"The scanner and associated software components were ordered in parts by the customer during Ligna 2019, already with the idea of integrating a CT Log at the log yard in the near future," says Arianna Giudiceandrea, Chief Sales Officer at MiCROTEC. "We are very pleased that UAB JUODELIAI has now decided to take the final step in the project and integrate the CT Log. The pre-planning makes the installation of the scanner next summer immensely easier, as the existing log yard already has the optimal conditions for the installation of the machine," adds Giudiceandrea.


In addition to the scanner and software solutions at the log yard, UAB JUODELIAI has installed the MiCROTEC Winlog GPS system, which achieves optimal loading vehicle utilization with the shortest possible travel distances. Moreover, UAB JUODELIAI has invested in a simulation tool for work preparation using automatic cutting pattern generation handling customer requests, production cost, and the existing log inventory to maximize yield.

»The MiCROTEC solutions installed so far significantly increase the productivity of the sawing line, which promotes sustainable processing of the material and improves the yield and quality of the final products. With the upcoming installation of the CT Log, we expect a significant increase in quality and yield to better meet the current market demands«

Ignas Stasiukonis