MiCROTEC - Lucidyne and MiCROTEC
10 de diciembre de 2020

Lucidyne and MiCROTEC

Lucidyne and MiCROTEC

Together a Scanning Solutions Powerhouse

Microtec’s recent acquisition of Lucidyne has created a global lumber scanning powerhouse. Worldwide, Microtec has demonstrated success across a range of scanning solutions, and Lucidyne’s GradeScan is the gold standard for lineal scanning in North America. GradeScan’s patented software platform, Perceptive Sight® uses deep learning artificial intelligence techniques to grade lumber.  


Lucidyne is now offering a transverse scanning solution to North America using Microtec’s scanning technology, and Lucidyne’s patented deep learning software platform. Using the Goldeneye 900 series at its core, the new Lucidyne 900 will deliver unparalleled grading solutions to transverse applications in planer mills, sawmills and studmills throughout North America. The Lucidyne 900 will be sold, installed, and maintained from Lucidyne’s USA headquarters in Corvallis, Oregon.


As the Microtec and Lucidyne teams continue to combine their technologies, additional Microtec scanners will be added to the Lucidyne product line.

»Together with Lucidyne, we will continue to invest in R&D to develop and implement leading-edge scanning solutions for the North American market«

Frank Jöst