MiCROTEC - Viscan Plus for green sorting in strength classes

Viscan Plus for green sorting in strength classes

Viscan Plus for green sorting in strength classes




Rettenmeier Holzindustrie Hirschberg


Rettenmeier decided for the Viscan Plus Strength Grader to grade construction wood for the classes C18, C24 and C30. This top-notch strength grader works for the wood species of spruce, fir, pine and douglas fir according to EN 14081-4 standard. The grading occurs right after the trimmer saw to sort out of the parts, which do not correspond to the quality standards. This grading procedure saves unnecessary costs in the dry kilns.


Rettenmeier Holding AG in Ullersreuth is a modern and leading company in the wood processing industry with a wide product range for trade, merchants and industry. Its wood products meet the highest technical demands for quality and safety. Produced using the most modern machinery and plants they then pass through the factory-own production inspections and third party monitoring processes. 


Viscan Strength Grader is the top-quality machine grading system developed by Microtec. The combination of laser interferometry and X-ray technology returns a more accurate prediction of MOE/MOR of each board. The stress-grading device is enabled to work with a low power X-ray source that needs no lead-shielding and no water cooling system. Accordingly, the safety of the operators is guaranteed at any time. The new system also got the official certification by the MPA institute of Stuttgart according to EN 14081.