MiCROTEC - Acon Timber: The First MiCROTEC Logeye with X-ray Capabilities in South America

Acon Timber: The First MiCROTEC Logeye with X-ray Capabilities in South America

Acon Timber, the Argentinean sawmill of the Austrian HS Timber Group, celebrated the inauguration of its production site in Gobernador Virasoro, Corrientes, in April. The plant designed for the processing of regional pine (pinus taeda and pinus elliottii) wood has an annual production capacity of 370.000 m³ dry sawn timber. The state-of-the-art sawmill operates according to the zero-waste principle, meaning that 100% of the raw material is used in the production process. This commitment to sustainability is supported by MiCROTEC solutions that ensure the best use of wood, which also reflects the continuation of the long-standing partnership between MiCROTEC and the HS Timber Group.
Acon Timber: The First MiCROTEC Logeye with X-ray Capabilities in South America

First Logeye including X-ray in South America

This project signifies a remarkable advancement in South America's forestry industry with the introduction of the region's first Logeye equipped with X-ray capabilities. The multi-sensor scanner combines the data from laser, color, and X-ray sensors to provide real 360° shape of the log. Based on this it measures a stable underbark volume of the logs throughout the variation of external conditions such as humidity or seasonal changes and provides data for the sorting based also on the internal features of the logs such as the dimension of knots.


The Logeye works together with the Winlog sorting and control system that uses the data for accurate tracking and sorting of the logs. Additionally, it visualizes the infeed and sorting line according to personalized parameters and allows the management of stock targets, suppliers, shifts, and downtimes according to customized needs.

Extensive R&D efforts are rewarded with success

The Logeye underbark measurement has been made possible by the extensive research and development efforts involved in the project. Even training data collected by the unique MiCROTEC CT Log has been used to train the Logeye to reliably recognize the underbark diameter of logs independently. This highlights the capabilities of the MiCROTEC Ai platform, showing the advantages of cross-learning.

Recurring trust in Goldeneye

Acon Timber’s planer mill is equipped with a Goldeneye Transverse scanner for accurate sorting and trimming from all four sides that runs at a speed of 200 boards per minute. With its multi-sensor approach the scanner integrates color, laser, and grain deviation images into one overlapping, multi-dimensional image, that allows the detection of defects such as knots, splits, bark, wane, and twist of boards.


The Goldeneye works together with the control suite Variosort and is fully integrated in the planer line provided by Springer. Additionally, an M3 Scan measures the moisture content of the lumber while a Warpscan measures its geometry to outsort non-conforming boards.


The Goldeneye has already been installed in previous projects with the HS Timber Group and although the wood species is different this time, the implementation has been going smoothly and the installation was completed rapidly so that it has been operational early on.