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The small decisions make the big difference

The small decisions make the big difference

The sensors measure the dimension of the components with a precision of 0.2 mm. Numerous cameras and sensors optimize the detection to distinguish variations in color and tone as well as degrees of darkness and shade. Our unique sensors provide entirely new opportunities for detecting structure. By looking at how the laser light is scattered on the lumber, we can determine the fiber direction of the component.

Efficient and consistent

Efficient and consistent

The level of quality and consistency obtained with a parquet scanner can't be compared to that of manual sorting. Manual inspection is subjective to the inspector and involves the risk of quality assessment being too negative, resulting in complaints, or too positive, resulting in a loss of potentially higher revenue. With our parquet scanner, you are guaranteed higher sorting speeds and absolute consistency.

Over 30 years of parquet scanning

Over 30 years of parquet scanning

The first Woodeye parquet scanner was delivered back in 1987. Thanks to Woodeye Parquet's industry-leading performance, each of the 30 million sqm scanned every year are examined impeccably.

Powered by MiCROTEC Ai

Powered by MiCROTEC Ai

Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning AI) is integrated into all quality scanners from log to finished board. The AI knowledge of all MiCROTEC companies is merged into the MiCROTEC Ai platform, raising the possibilities of Deep Learning AI in the wood industry to a completely new level.

Overview chart


  • 3D Laser
  • Scattering Laser
  • Color

Technical Data

  • Thickness up to 10 mm (40")
  • Width 50 - 105 mm
  • Speed up to 150 m/min (500FPM)


  • 1-strip Parquet
  • 2-strip Parquet
  • 3-strip Parquet


  • AI based aesthetic sorting
  • Thickness measurement
  • MiCROTEC Connect


  • Simulation suite
  • Warp profile

Customer Quote

The uniformity of the overall appearance has improved significantly and the re-sorting for the oak lamellas is completely eliminated.

Scheucher Holzindustrie, Austria

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Product references Woodeye Parquet

Woodeye Parquet: New scanner for aesthetic sorting
Products references

Woodeye Parquet: New scanner for aesthetic sorting

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